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OFFICIAL Age of Warscape - Network Rules

Discussion in 'Age of Warscape Discussion' started by Prime, Aug 22, 2016.

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  1. Prime

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    Jul 9, 2016
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    The Coalition


    The rules listed below are the official rules and regulations for all Age of Warscape products and anything controlled by its Developer Team. These rules apply to all ranks in the Age of Warscape Network, and affect all AoWS Products, such as its forums, Wiki, Subreddit, Amino group, Public Discord Server, In-Game, and anything else controlled by the Developer Team.​

    All rules are expected to be followed and obeyed by every member, regardless of rank or affiliation with a third-party (such as an advertiser or website) or a Moderator, Developer, or any member of our staff. Failure to obey the Network Rules can (and will) result in a warning, mute, or ban (depending on the rule broken, previous offenses, and severity).​

    The Age of Warscape Administration and Developer team reserve the right to modify, add, or remove any rule if they are given any reason to. It is everyone's job to always stay updated on rule changes.​



    The Age of Warscape Network has zero-tolerance for spam. Spamming defines as posting irrelevant and pointless content, which results in clutter and making our board harder to navigate. In order to keep our network clean and clutter-free, we will promptly delete and purge any spam messages, accounts, E-Mails, and anything of the like.​

    This also includes posting malicious links that lead to phishing, virus-infested, and/or scam websites. Any outbound links that lead to a dangerous website will promptly be edited out.​

    Advertising is not permitted

    Advertising other websites in any Age of Warscape products, including in-game chat and the forums, is strictly forbidden from our network. Posting links to websites, especially such that you own, in the purpose to receive traffic or attention is frowned upon here.​

    Advertising YouTube, Twitch, Beam, etc. channels is also not allowed without the consent of a moderator. However, we do allow for YouTube channels to be advertised in certain sections on our forums, and in User signatures. Unless such links are located in these two places only, advertising of any streaming channels are not allowed.​

    Posting Guild Names, Party Invites, or Discord Links is allowed on our Network, as long as such does not violate any other network rule, or violates our EULA.​

    Respect other members

    Please, always respect other members of the Age of Warscape Network. Remember, we are all Human here, and we all have feelings. Do remember to be kind and respectful to other members everywhere on our Network, be it in-game, on the forums, or in the Amino chatrooms. We do enforce respect and kindness to all members, so please, always think about what you type or say before you post anything.​

    We also strictly forbid hate speech, comments that incite violence, or discrimination amoungst certain groups of people. We forbid, but not limited to, discrimination based on the following:
    • Race
    • Sex/Gender
    • Age
    • Religion
    • Sexual Orientation
    • Ethnicity/Heritage
    • Political Beliefs
    • Language
    Any hate speech, discrimination, or posts inciting violence against people based on factors above will be dealt with accordingly. A simple rule of thumb is to avoid posting anything that you don't want your parents, employers, friends, family, or the general public to see.

    Do not hack under ANY circumstances

    Attempting to hack any part of our network, including threatening to do so, is not tolerated at all anywhere on our network. This includes threatening to DoS/DDoS our network or any member on our network, or attempting to do so. We also forbid users to attempt to leak any personal data gained through hacking, be it data from Age of Warscape or even data from a third-party.​

    Using cracked clients to play Age of Warscape is also forbidden. You will be banned upon detection of a cracked client.​

    Do not impersonate others/pretend to be a staff member

    Impersonating/Pretending to be on the staff team, developer team, or even ILMX is forbidden in-game, on the forums, or anywhere on the network. This includes saying you are a staff member, pretending to have inside information, etc. Violations will result in a warning, mute, suspension, or temporary ban.​

    For reference, members of ILMX will have a dark-red or golden [ILMX] tag, admins/developers will have a red [ADMIN] tag, and moderators will have a green [MOD] tag. On the forums, staff members have similarly coloured badges on their forums that display their rank. You are also not allowed to pretend to be someone else, such as a celebrity or another user.​

    Keep in mind that we know our staff team, and trying to manipulate us into giving you special permissions isn't allowed, either.​

    We do not allow for users to pretend to be a representative or affiliate from a third-party, such as a game-reviewing company or a YouTuber. Note that, even if you really are one, you do not get special permissions.​

    Do not talk in ALL CAPS

    An extension to the 'No-Spamming rule', we do not allow for users to use excessive capitalization in their messages. This is often seen as shouting, and really just makes you look unprofessional and just plain immature.​

    Do not post graphic/obscene/sexual content

    It's simple. Do not post anything NSFW, which includes sexual content, extreme gore and violence, or anything obscene. This can be in the form of a direct link to an obscene website, an image, a video, or likewise. Violations will result in the post/message to be deleted and the poster to receive a warning.​

    This also applies to avatars and signatures.​

    Try to stay on topic

    This is more etiquette than a rule. When participating in forum discussions, it is important to pertain to the original topic at hand. If you start to go off-topic, then try to get yourself back on-topic.​

    Do not pointlessly give reputation

    Please remember to logically give reputation to others. You cannot give reputation just because you like somebody, hate somebody, want to be an asskisser, or just plain pointlessly handing out reputation. Reputation should be given to somebody based on their helpfullness, quality, and behaviour. Abusive reputation will be removed from a user's profile, and the violator will be given a warning or up to a temporary ban.​

    Do not excessively use profane language

    While minor profanity is okay, it is important to not use profane language directed at somebody. In order to stay safe, only use profane language to emphasize something, and not to attack somebody. Violations will result in the editing of the original post, a warning, or a suspension/mute.​

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