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Forum Update

Discussion in 'News/Announcements' started by Prime, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Prime

    Prime Lead Developer Staff Member ILMX Administrator

    Jul 9, 2016
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    The Coalition
    Hello, Warscapers! Although this has been released for quite some time, we would like to formally introduce the new forum update! We have switched from MyBB to Xenforo, which will provide new features, along with performance and security upgrades. We would like to invite all visitors, whether you already own an Age of Warscape account or you have yet to get one, to participate in our revamped message boards in community.

    With Age of Warscape on the brink of entering the Development Phase, we encourage all visitors to create their account to reserve their spot in the Age of Warscape Beta Testing Program. Now, we would like to mention a few forum features that make everything significantly easier to use:

    • Easier ways to manage your account, right in one convenient place: https://aows.tk/forums/account
    • The forums will now automatically save drafts while you are posting a new thread/replying to a thread
    • You can now select a prefix when creating a thread. Examples include "SERIOUS", "CONTROVERSIAL", and "SOLVED".
    • All new smilies to add some emotion to your posts ;)
    • Leave comments and post status updates on your profile
    • A powerful ratings system that allow you to rate posts. Statistics are also shown on profiles. You can like, dislike, agree, disagree, and more with posts!
    • Faster loading speed
    • It is now easier to create an account, with less fields to fill out and easier Captchas.
    • A much better DMing system, known as "conversations".
    • Now, when you select your race on your profile, a small icon of your chosen race appears in your posts
    • A much cleaner, easy-to-use layout
    • You can now watch threads, and even receive emails when somebody replys to it
    • Easily add polls to your threads with a new poll system
    • You now receive alerts when users interact with your profile in some way. You can edit settings to receive alerts when a user replys to your thread, quotes you, replys to a thread you watch, rates your post, makes a comment on your profile, likes your status updates, and more. You can also choose to receive emails with new alerts.
    • You can easily follow other users, and receive their activity in your news feed. It's also a good way to show your appreciation to a member
    • A new trophy system where you can receive points from performing certain tasks on the forum
    • Add more security to your account by enabling Two-Factor Authentication
    • An easier way to report malbehaving members and rule-breaking posts. You can easily click a button on a post or on a member's profile to bring them to a moderator's attention.
    • Easily add attachments to posts, such as images and files.
    • You can now easily upload an avatar/profile picture to your account by clicking on your profile's picture. You can even use Gravatar.
    • Adjust privacy settings to prevent certain people from viewing your account or receiving your activity feed
    • Block members who just plain-out annoy you. Blocking members prevents you from seeing their posts, and even from them viewing your profile.